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Common Cloth Moth

Common Cloth Moth

Don't let clothes moths take over your home!

Clothes moths thrive in the dark forgotten corners of your property, feasting away on any natural fibers that they find in your home. If your stored cashmere or woolens have been attacked by moths then  then call London' s moth control experts.


It all starts with one small moth flickering around your living room trying to find a suitable food source for their larvae to feed from once hatched. 

Adult clothes moths only live for 15-30 days but in this time a female can lay hundreds of  tiny eggs only 0.5mm in size. The eggs will eventually hatch in around 4-20 days (depending on the temperature) into hundreds of hungry larvae that will be in search of their first meal.

Once at the larvae stage they  can feed on your carpets, clothing, fur and feather  for up to three months, After this time the larvae will have enough nutrition to then take the next steps in becoming a moth. 

Once the larvae have gained all the nutrition they need, it is time to go into the final part of their life cycle, the pupae stage. The pupae stage is when the larvae will get into its silk spun cocoon and mature into a breeding moth.

 The larvae can be in the pupae stage for up to 20 days before  transforming into a breeding moth and that is why moth infestations can get out of hand.

Give us a call and one of our friendly moth experts will attend and asses every corner of your property. They will prepare a treatment plan to suit your property and infestation level, this will ensure full eradication and no return of te common clothes moth. 

Damage to carpet by moths

 Common cloth moth infestation on woolen carpet 

Holes in Cashmere jumper

                                  Common cloth moth infestaation on  clothing